Peaceful Sleep, Happy Baby

Brand Story

At CooCooBaby, we are dedicated to creating a complete sleep experience for your little one. From sleep bags and blankets to swaddles and more, our range of thoughtfully designed products is crafted to ensure your baby enjoys restful and rejuvenating sleep.

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  • Quality and Safety

    Quality and Safety

    We prioritize using only the highest quality, natural materials that are safe and gentle on delicate baby skin. We believe that providing a safe and comfortable sleep environment is essential to your baby's overall health and well-being.

  • Experts in Baby Comfort

    Experts in Baby Comfort

    Our range of thoughtfully designed products is crafted with the expertise and knowledge of what babies need for optimal comfort and sleep. From sleep bags and blankets to swaddles and more, every product is created with your little one's comfort in mind

  • Love and Care

    Love and Care

    At CooCooBaby, we understand the importance of the bond between a parent and child. That's why every sleep essential is crafted with love and care, providing a nurturing and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep and grow.

  • Sustainability


    We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in our production and packaging. We believe in leaving a better world for future generations.

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What Customers Say ...

“I am a mom of multiples and these swaddles are a necessity in my book! Worth the price and everything. ”

Nancy US

“My little one loves her blanket. The size is great, you can use it in many different ways. I have used it for swaddling, nap time loose blanket, nursing, as a burp cloth, for catching milk and it has so many more uses.”

Judy US

“It isn’t easy to clean and stains from spit up but it gives my baby girl comfort as it is made to fit snug around them when you put them in it. We can move it from room to room and take it with us when we stay places”

hollie B.

“It’s beautiful! The color is very pleasing to the eye. The narrow corners make it so much easier to position and use over other nursing pillows. Plus the extra thick form brings baby right to you! This is a great nursing pillow.”

Megan Canada